animation heros

Information :


Mohammadreza Najafi Emami


Mohsen Mirzakhani

Pebble and Dynamic:

َAmin Sadeghvand



Lighting and rendering:

Esmael Pour Ostad


Abbasali Abbasi

Director of Duplicate:

Mohammadreza Alimardani


Mohammad Freshteh Nejad


Mohammad Afshari

animation heros | This project was completed by SIMAVFX INC in 2015 and completed in 3 months. It is that the father, while his children are reminded of the world of today and technology and imaginary heroes, of Rostam Shahnameh Ferdowsi and other heroes of the land of Iran …

Involvement of SIMAVFX INC in heros animation

animation In the whole animation of Hero, the skills of modeling and character, articulation and cloud cover, light output, and even voice acting are entirely in the hands of the professional team of SIMAVFX INC, which is a team of 19 to 30 year olds.

Animation section of One Hundred Seconds Hero Animation Festival

Mohammad Reza Najafi Emami, one of the cinema directors who currently has the real animation “Mobarak” on the screen, told Shabestan reporter about his work, which he sent to the 11th International Hundred Seconds Film Festival: “My work is entitled ‘Return of Myth’ Has participated in the animation section of this year’s Hundred Seconds Film Festival. I am very interested in animation and I would love to work on Shahnameh and its characters. In Mobarak , I also dealt with the characters of Shahnameh, including Rostam, Fereydoun and mobarak.

“Unfortunately, our children know Western characters like Spider-Man and Batman well, and they like them, but from our own myths,” Ali Najafi Emami, stating that this is my first time participating in the International Hundred Seconds Film Festival. They do not know anything. In the animation “Return of Myths”, I tried not to come up with a slogan and my work had a visual appeal so that it could attract the audience and the audience itself would go to national characters. Western characters are becoming the queen of children’s minds, and unfortunately we are moving away from our own culture. The animation “Return of Myths” took two weeks to make.

animation herosanimation herosanimation herosanimation heros