Aunt Beetle Hashtag

Information :


Mohammad Moslemi


Hasan Mostafavi


Mohammad Reza Najafi Emami


BahareKianAfshar ` Mohammamoslemi` AmirhoseinRostami

Aunt Beetle Hashtag Summary

Aunt Beetle Hashtag is a fantasy and musical series directed by Mohammad Moslemi (a member of Uncle Fitilehayeha) and produced by Hassan Mostafavi, which has been produced in 15 episodes and has been broadcast on the Home Theater Network since February 2017. Synopsis The city of legends is repeated by the great demon under a spell, while the night of the thousand and one Shahrzad the storyteller has arrived in the morning and the wedding celebration of Aunt Suske and Mr.Moshe is to be held by the order of the great ruler, but   , This TV series is one of the best visual effects of the company SIMAVFXINC This style of series should be produced more and more every year so that we can produce more professional and informative content for children’s lives from the coming days to the world. More modern and hassle-free, role-playing is as difficult as it is, but it is just as easy if the experts get to work. It is very difficult to do, but in the end, you will create a culture and optimize the children Aunt Beetle Hashtag 

Aunt Beetle Hashtag Comment of Mr. Mohammad Reza Najafi Emami about this Serial

 He added that this film with visual effects is very effective at the level of children and adolescents and we are thinking about advanced versions of this type of films every day to achieve a more realistic atmosphere Hashtag Khaleh Sooskeh actors:

  1. Bahare Kian Afshar (Aunt Beetle)
  2. AmirHossein Rostami (Mr. Mouse)
  3. Arzhang Amirfazli (Ruling)
  4. Leyla Blokat (Shahrzad)
  5. Amir Karbalayi Zade (Donkey)
  6. Nilofar Rajayifar (Forty wigs)