Car gas animation

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Mohammadreza Najai Emami


Ali Najafi Emami

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The car gas animation is one of the full animations that was produced about ten years ago for the Iran Oil and Gas Company, and this animation has been broadcast on this country’s television. Animation skills such as modeling, animation, texture and material, light and rendering, etc. have been used, and finally we have reached the output of the film that we put on this page.

Car gas animation – Synopsis

It is about a car and a man named Agha Azizeh, who comes out of the house in the morning looking to gasify the fuel of polluting cars….

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This animation was made by Mr. Mohammad Reza Najafi Emami and was sponsored by Iran Khodro Gas Company. Light and rendering by Mohammad Reza Sadri, modeled by Siavash Mirtaheri, …

The Animated Gas Lab is a series of computer animations which demonstrate all the possible combinations of the ideal gas law or equation of state. Gases have various properties which we can observe with our senses, including the gas pressure, temperature, mass, and the volume which contains the gas. Careful, scientific observation has determined that these variables are related to one another and the values of these properties determine the state of the gas. In a scientific manner, we can fix any two of the four primary properties and study the nature of the relationship between the other two by varying one and observing the variation of the other. The variations are demonstrated using computer graphics in the animated gas lab.

Because of the highly graphical nature of the computer animations at the Animated Gas Lab, we are unable to provide an equivalent presentation for non-graphical browsers. However, all the information demonstrated on these pages is available in a non-graphical form as follows: