Learn more about octopus

Learn more about octopus

Learn more about octopus – Saghar Azizi was born in Shiraz on April 28, 1979. She is graduate in a field of director and loves flowers and poetry and painting. Saghar Azizi grown up  with poems by Forugh Farrokhzad, .Hafez and Mowlana from teenager. She loves art generally

In her newest performance, which will be screened throughout the country in less than a month, She has appeared in a strange new role, which is an octopus that can surely be loved by its own audience.

Saghar Azizi says about her role:

Learn more about octopus

Learn more about octopus -I recently collaborated with the project “White forehead  gazelle 2” in the role of octopus, whose design of this character in Iran’s cinema is completely new in terms of personality and appearance, and I think the children will welcome more than the first chapter.

she added: “In the first season of the movie” White forehead  gazelle “I had the voice of the octopus, and in the new series, I’ll be in front of the camera. Apparently, this season is accompanied by special effects and a combination of animation and Real, and I have the same octopus role that I’m trying to grasp the heart of the Premonition.

Azizi said: I always knew Jawad Hashemi as the actor of sacred defense films, and I did not know that he was so professional in directing. This cinematic film is my first collaboration with him, and in addition to the grim that I put on my face, it is supposed to appear in the design of clothing and octopus characters with the help of special effects that we have not seen before in our cinema.

Referring to the personality of the octopus with the octopus’ legs, he said: “The idea of ​​a mermaid is the closest visualization that I can play from my role in” White forehead  gazelle 2, “and it’s supposed to be in the third season. My role  is more in Hamadan and I have several meetings in Ghazali town.