newsha tea company teaser 3D animation

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newsha tea company

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Mohammadreza Najafiemami

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10 October 2020

newsha tea company teaser 3D animation : This teaser has been completed by the SIMAVFX team for October 2020 and has been delivered to the Newsha advertising team. It has also aired on several Asian TV stations. Among the skills used in this project to complete this project is Maya software from Autodesk company and also a series of complementary software for composite animated version.

All steps are led by Mohammad Reza Najafi Emami, the manager, and the SIMAVFX team is in charge of the executive team.

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who we are newsha company

Newsha Company commenced its activity by production and distribution of black tea in 2007‎‏. We are currently producing a variety of health drinks and distributing them all over the world. Newsha product portfolio offers a wide range of herbal infusions, coffee powders, green and black teas mixed with natural spices and herbs; they are all produced based on scientific principles, by using the most modern mixing, processing and packaging machines and also effective qualitative and quantitative techniques‎.Website

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newsha tea company teaser 3D animation
newsha tea company teaser 3D animation

Skills used teaser 3D animation


newsha tea company

newsha tea company teaser 3D animation SIMAVFX team copyright

SIMAVFX team from Maya software In a large part of Newsha project, we chose the company for modeling, animation, lighting and rendering, as well as for the composite tip software, which you can see in the part of the work (Newsha play blast).

newsha tea company project play blast

The final output of the newsha tea company project

Finally, you can watch the output of the following video by the software and hardware experts of the SIMAVFX team :

output newsha tea company project

See also behind the scenes of this 3D project :

newsha tea company : behind the scenes