Pistachio brain animation series

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Seyed Ghasem Hashemi


Ali Najafi Emami

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Pistachio brain animation series The kind boy you meet in this collection has brown hair and a kind heart. Pistachio kernels are always looking to help others and are willing to work hard to solve problems for others. He can fly and has two friends named Hazelnut and Almond Eyes. The pistachio kernel collection has been produced in 52 ten-minute episodes using the cut-out technique at the SIMAVFX INC.

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Pistachio brain animation series – Seyed Ghasem Hashemi, director of “Pistachio brain”, about this animated series, which is produced at the Saba Animation Center, includes stories centered on a boy named Pistachio Kernel, who has the ability to fly and uses his power to help others. In this series, there are other characters such as hazelnut kernel and almond eye, which sometimes help the main character and sometimes cause his headache. In creating this collection, which has just been keyed in a fantasy and imaginary atmosphere, we try to teach the audience concepts such as helping others and goodness. The technique used in this animation is computer cutout and this series tries to teach positive concepts to children in a fantasy and happy atmosphere. This animation was produced in the studio (SIMAVFX INC)

The director of “Pistachio brain” announced that the newly released animated series is about a boy who can fly.

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In the end, Ghasemi introduced the elements of this series as follows: Nakisa Rastin is the author of “Pistachio Kernel” and Hadi Rahmati is in charge of character design. , Farhad Lamei, personality and space model, Seyed Ghasem Hashemi, lighting, composite and rendering group, and Hamid Vazifeh, Zahra Erfani, Javad Hosseini and Peyman Maleki. The editing and effects are by Amir Hosseininia and the producer is Ali Najafi Emami and the executor of the project is SIMAVFX INC.


Pistachio brain animation series

Pistachio brain animation series