serial pixel

Information :


Mohammadhosein Latifi


Hamed Ongha

Vfx Manager:

Mohammadreza Najafi Emami


Sahar Ghoreishi - Hamid Godarzi - Leila Otadi - Mehrave Sharifinia - Narges Mohammadi - Borzou Arjmand

serial pixel the name of an Iranian television series directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Mahmoud Moazami and written and produced by Hamed Angha, which was produced in 2016. This series was supposed to be broadcast on Iranian home networks in the same year 2016.

serial pixel synopsis

The story of the series revolves around a horrific event, an event that causes the life of a famous and popular singer to be tied to the fate of two movie superstars. But who figured this out and pushed it forward?


Hamid Goodarzi, Sahar Qureshi, Leila Otadi, Kambiz Dirbaz, Pouria Poursorkh, Borzoo Arjomand, Javad Yahyawi, Narges Mohammadi, Yasman Maavi, Omid Hajili, Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Mehraveh Sharifinia, Vahid Shamsai

Quoting the public relations of the “Pixel” series, Hamed Angha, the writer, designer and producer of the “Pixel” series directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, said about the latest status of the series that is to be broadcast on the Internet: “Currently, the final stages of preparing this work such as Sound, dubbing and subtitling are done in different languages.

He added: “Currently,” Pixel “is dubbed in four languages: Russian, Turkish, Urdu and Arabic, and at the same time, Sattar Orki is doing the final work of composing the music for this work.

Serial pixel SIMAVFX skills

This pixel uses composite teams and stage design, lighting and rendering, all of which are done under a single visual effects unit.


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