Animation Bunny and Nani

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Mohammadreza Najafi Emami


Ali Najafi Emami

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Animation Bunny and Nani : This project is for Saba Iran animation studio. Which was held by the professional team of SIMAVFX INC by Saba brand and the project was completed with the good performance of our team. The year of construction of this project is close to 2010.

Animation Bunny and Nani – Synopsis

Animation Bunny and Nani , Bonnie and Noni are two good and bad characters in society, they portray social behavior as humorous

Animation Bunny and NaniAnimation Bunny and NaniAnimation Bunny and NaniAnimation Bunny and Nani

Parts of Animation Bunny and Nani

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Saba Public Relations, a socially themed “Bani and Nani” series, promotes the culture of urban life in a humorous way. Maya software has been used to produce this collection.
Regarding the use of innovation used in this collection, we should mention the creative method of the producers of the work in combining Matte painting and Maya software, which is effective in creating fantasy spaces and enlivening the program.
The directors of this project state the purpose of producing this series is to take an effective step in solving social problems and creating more religious and civil beliefs among the people. Regarding the formation of the general idea of ​​the story, they say: The main idea and all parts of this series by a group of Expert writers familiar with 3D animation.
The screenplays, which were written under the supervision of Mohsen Mirzakhani and in collaboration with writers such as Fereshteh Mostofi, Mehdi Ashtiani and Ardalan Salimzadeh, created techniques by creating fantasy events based on the humor of the situation, and provided the group with many opportunities to create fascinating moments. .
The production factors of this project are:
Designer and concept: Hamed Kamali, Shahram Shirzadi, Ramin Gholami, Animator: Majid Haj Ali, Nasser Najafian, Peyman Badaghi, Hamed Zandieh, Safa Zoli, Malek Jafari, Morteza Yari, Neda Pouya, Doohi Mahboubi, Saeed Aghani Khani Dabbaghi, Elham Ahmadi, Marjan Naghi Lou, Mina Mani, Editors: Amir Najafi Emami, Shaghayegh Ghaderi, Dubbing Director: Mohammad Reza Alimardani, Composer: Mohammad Fereshtehnejad.

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